So serious it looks like a pout again

Teru Mikami ~26~ Soulmate [Accidental Audio / Text]

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[There is a sharp intake of breath and something sounding almost like a strangled sob, but only very faintly so. Then for a moment there is just forcefully slow breathing and nothing more. Until Mikami finally switches to text]

The blackberry was recording unintentionally again. I did not mean to broadcast this, so please ignore it.
Shut up Nick // Machiavelliiiiiiiiiii B(

Thrown Squirrel 4 : Daryl : [In person]

[If anyones wandering around the Manor, or planning to go through the entry hall, they'll probably have to step over Daryl first, or the crossbow laying nearby.  He's on the floor, and is bleeding a good deal, though that only seems to have half his attention. He'd been back - he'd been sent back, and he'd been able to keep looking for Sophia. Why the fuck was he back in this hellhole again?

Trying to make himself sit up gingerly, Daryl curses under his breath as a hand goes to his wound; there's a crossbow bolt, sticking cleanly through his left side


[At first, he can't recall how he got it, but then it comes back; that stupid horse had thrown him..must of landed on one of the bolts when his crossbow came free.

Managing to shift himself upright, Daryl takes several deep breaths as he wraps his hands around either end of the bolt, one to pull it out and the other to push from the other side. Gradually pulling it out, every exhale comes out as a pained groan, till eventually the bolt's out completely. Hissing under his breath, Daryl clamps a hand across the open wound, and rests his head back against the wall for a moment



[Somebody is in a temple that is tended to by women. There is a magnificent hearth visible, currently tended to by a few women. God makes her way around the edge, unseen, and curls up next to the fire's hearth. She is apparently unnoticed, and that's the way she wants it to be. She can feel the sacredness of the flame, and it's soothing. she puts her fingers to her lips, making a 'Shhh' gesture and is quite clearly set up to stay there for a long time if she doesn't get caught.]
Grumpy || Woken up

[Accidental Audio] (This is for this morning)

[The sound of the comm hitting the floor is the first thing that you can hear. Then what sounds like a herd of people jabbering in latin. Anyone who understands Latin will get snatches of conversation about the cake and who's to wake him up.

That's right, the author has organised a birthday party for Dean, and is not letting him sleep late and be all withdrawn as he would like to today. She's provided him with party guests that are correct for this time period. this means he's had women and male, young and old enter his room to give him an enthusiastic and hedonistic celebration.

The first noise actually made by Dean was]
s'm, I swear to God if you poke me one-

[He broke off the mumbled and sleep-muzzed sentence as he realised two things:
(A) that it was not Sam poking him.
(B) Sam's not even here.]

What the hell are you doing in my room?!

[Which goes unanswered. They just start... well, you can't see what thy're doing, but Dean's protesting a little, and "Get off" is growled more than once. Then there's a pause before:] Look, if you're going to keep frigging touching me, at least let it be the la- WOAH. DON'T TOUCH ME THERE, I'M PRETTY DAMNED SURE THAT IS ILLEGAL.

.....And I don't even swing that way.

[He's been violated by the worst possible person, and he decides now would be a good time to call for rescue. He reaches for the blackberry and... realises... the damned thing has been recording.] Son of a- of course it would be. Damned thing, I'm gonna- [You never hear what he's going to do to the blackberry, because the record is turned off. Whether it's by him or someone else? Unclear.]
[anger] Fuck you Reiji

Fate 30 -◘[Video]◘- This somebody's getting hurt. Here comes the next contestant!

[Look who doesn't look very happy today. This is one of the rare occasions when every bit of his annoyance can be seen on Ryuutaro's face.]

If there is any way to make these people keep their distance, I'd appreciate if I was told right now.

[Ryuutaro knew he was pretty. But he did not think that was an appropriate reasons for random men to come on to him, occassionally mistaking him for a girl. He had not been suddenly touched this often in his entire life and it was nothing short from extremely unnerving.]

I hope everyone is enjoying the week.

[... that didn't sound very honest, not even his usual faked smile entered his lips. And with his fan angrily snapping shut the transmission ends]

Sabaku no Temari | 11 | [In Person/Audio]

[Hey, hey. GUESS WHO IS ON TOP OF THE PANTHEON. YUP. THAT'S RIGHT. Tema. Don't ask how she got up here, but she's staring down at anyone who has the brains to look up.

Growing more annoyed at a lack of anything interesting, she picks up her phone and switches to the audio function.

This place is boring as hell. If you find anything that's more interesting than watching people hit each other with metal or eating with their hands, do me a favor and tell me.
Thinking Vereh Hard

Vivien Harmon | 06 | [Action]

[All things considered, Vivien was glad that she didn't have to eat. The food hardly looked appetizing, no matter what the fare was. Pinning her hair up and off of her neck, she decided to explore the city. It wasn't like there was a shortage of sights to see, especially on such a clear day.

Spending her day by looking at vendor booths and the various architecture around the city, she finally ended up making a purchase. Charcoal. If she was going to spend her time here, she was going to remember it.

Taking a seat on a fountain, she brought out a sketch pad and her recently purchased charcoal. Bringing her legs up on the fountain, she moved the charcoal over the paper, the beginnings of the building across from her soon taking shape.

Taking her time, she didn't notice as the time passed, losing herself in her art as she just enjoyed some quiet time to ponder the recent changes in her life.

3rd Full Moon | In Person

[Estelle with her sloppily put on toga type outfit, had gone to look around and just stare in wonder at all the ancient type buildings. They were new to her and very interesting. Her hands lightly touching various surfaces, feeling the different textures they had. They were simply fascinating, yet she couldn't no matter how hard she tried just couldn't get any answers out of the people, after all she didn't understand what they were saying and vice versa. It didn't mean't mean she wouldn't stop trying though, as she walked up to her fifth person.]

Excuse me, but can you tell me a bit more about this place please? I would like to learn more about it and how such beautiful buildings were built.

[When she was once again met with a language she didn't understand she just stood there, hoping for anyone who can actually talk and get her to understand, if not she'd find other ways.]

bring me that horizon / thoughtful.

003: Luckily for him, the Commodore had studied up on his Ancient Rome; [Action]

[ It wasn't often one saw Commodore Norrington without his trademark powdery white wig, immaculate curls decorating the sides, perfectly-tied dark bow in the back; and it definitely wasn't often one saw any kind of chest hair from the staunch, proper British man of the eighteenth century, but here he was, wig-less and in a poorly-tied toga (a.k.a., he kept tripping over it, because he didn't remember how exactly to wear a toga from his studies when he was studying Latin in his youth) for all to see.

Or, he felt like all were staring at him as he tried casually sauntering down the main street on his way back to the inn, where he'd awoken in a fright. His hair was tied back because he didn't know how else to wear it, and was getting a couple of looks from quite a few of the fine citizens of Rome. ]

Go ahead, it's not like I know what's going on, either. [ He mumbled, sighing heavily. Perhaps he should go to a bath before heading home - to his new home. It would be one day to try and least he hoped. Since he'd gotten here, to this new place where this Author manipulated him and many others, everything was so weird. He'd agreed to a truce with Sparrow, met a redhead who smoked like it was going out of style - not that Norrington knew what 'in style' even meant - and cursed worse with a coarser mouth than any pirate he'd ever met.

Perhaps a bath was a better idea. He switched directions and began heading for the bathhouse, avoiding the stares of the others and keeping his eyes glued forward. ]

This is utterly ridiculous. I've been made such a fool...a Commodore of the Royal Navy! Reduced to this!