Yū Kanda (infiniillusion) wrote in badfic_manor,
Yū Kanda

#006 // video // in person

[Kanda appears to be sitting in the Manor's garden, a tied fabric bag laying next to him. It moves a little and from time to time makes a pitiful squeak. Unfortunately, Kanda had managed to read the Gremlin notes before they were demolished and, being thorough in following rules as he was, kept the poor little thing packed and hanging off a hook during most of the week, not giving a damn about what PETA would think of it. Now though, he just seems puzzled. Apparently he failed to connect the number of sabotage instances and little ugly things running around to the creature he has in the bag.]

Does anyone know what I'm supposed to do with this thing.

[He doesn't really have any intentions to keep it; he just kept it safe because the darn note said so and now he's stuck with it. Wasn't it supposed to be a temporary thing? Hrm.]
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