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36th bomb || Hayato Gokudera || [video/in person]

[Anyone venturing into the kitchen who happens to know the typically foul-tempered silverette may be in for quite a shock.

The teen in the kitchen with an apron and his hair covered with a bandanna, stirring a bowl of some sort of pastry batter with another woman who holds a striking resemblance to the teen, some may recognize her as the boy's mother. It did not take his mother long to pick up that stirring batter was really the only job he could do in the kitchen without burning it down- as evidenced by the charred failed batches of god-knows-what in the sink. Assuming he's finished the batter he holds it out for his mother look at.

Mamma, this good?

[Because god, if he gets caught like this it'll be so embarrassing! His mother takes a peak and shakes her head chuckling- he wasn't even close.]

Not quite yet Hayato, just a bit more.

[And she brushed some of the batter and flour and various other things from his face and shirt while silently wondering how he managed to get himself so filthy... then she proceeded to ruin his manly image even more by just snuggling up to his messy face with her own. He blushed and squirmed a bit, but he would be damned before he had the heart to push her away. Complaining however was totally fair game.]

M-Ma! I'm gunna spill it!
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