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Flight 005 || Alexstrasza || [in person]

[After her routine patrol of the manor to make sure the mortals she had taken under her watch were alright (and in the process discovering she had, in fact, been gone for a number of months), she took to the outdoors planning to claim her usual spot for slumber in the gardens.

However, not far on her way she is met with the most pleasant surprise. She raises her hands to her mouth and gasps at the sight of two large red dragons and a small group of little red dragon whelps that she recognized from her last clutch. Immediately she rushes fourth to greet them.

Caelestraz! Vaelestraz! Children!

[The three young dragons immediately swoop to adorn the head and shoulders of their mother, cooing and nuzzling at her. After lovingly returning the affections of her younger children, she addresses the two large dragons, who lean down to allow her to pet and lean against their muzzles]

It has been far too long since I have seen you boys. I am so glad you all have fared well.

[So to anyone taking a glance out the windows of the manor feel free to spot the giant red lizards on the lawn snuggling up to a half-naked horned woman in the snow.]
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