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10th Flower Glows | In Person

[Rapunzel sat by the lake, the day slowly turning into night as she wriggled her toes. She had been here a while and her mind always went back to the thought she never got to see the lights on her birthday. It was something she had dreamed off, yet she missed them and that made her sad. Picking a small daist from the green grass, she started to look closely at it, her mind still on about the lantarns and her wish to have seen them when she had the chance.

She smiled slightly as her fingers gently stroked the flower before spotting a small light across the lake from the corner of her eye. Looking up, she watched as soon that small light became many. Her eyes lit up as she looked out towards the lake, watching as the various lantarns flew up, over the lake, some even looking like they were dancers on the air and this made Rapunzel all the more happy. They really seemd to be like the things she had seen from her tower every year, it was like a dream come true and she was thankful.

For now she sat at the side of the lake, her eyes looking up, following them as they danced through the air. Contempt to having seen this in the manor, it was better than not seeing them at all.]
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