February 9th, 2012

[miffed] What the fuck ever dude

37th bomb || Hayato Gokudera || [video/private text][backdated to monday morning]

[The feed comes on to a rather dour looking silver haired teen, scowling at a little furry creature in front of him on the table. While usually he would be all kinds of excited to see a strange animal being a shameless occult nerd, after last week he felt that it was replacing his mother. So many people had just up an vanished lately, including about everyone he knew from home. While there was no complaint about Belphor or Mukuro's disappearance, his boss and even Lambo hit him rather hard... and right now the only thing to really take out his frustrations on was the stupid furball in front of him.]

The hell are you even supposed to be?

[The creature only cooed and toddled over to Hayato happily expecting a petting, unfortunately the teen wasn't exactly in a 'petting' sort of mood and just flicked the thing in the face with his finger. As it toppled over backward the teen noticed the blackberry recording.]


[And with that he turned off the feed.]

[Private to Ryuutaro]

hey, i was just wondering if you're busy.