February 3rd, 2012

Smile | I do this sometimes

Detective Notes 12 | Video

[Naoto appears to be looking at a book, a small smile spread across as she quietly opened up the book, inside a picture.]

It appears as though the author had been up some something, but for once... it's not that bad.

[She looks at the picture within the book for a moment, before finally closing it and placing it to the side.]

Logic states that nothing the author can do, should happen, yet she always appears to change something ever once in a while. It's a rather...interesting thing to see.
Good Luck come my way, [smirk] Good Luck come my way

Fate 31 -◘[Accidental Video / In Person]◘- This is a gift, it comes with a price

[The feed clicks on to reveal two boys standing outside, a bit away from each other, staring intently at each other. One of them is Ryuutaro, the other is unfamiliar to the Manor. His most noticeable feature: a blonde afro. Also he is sucking at a lollypop, which seems to be as essential to him as the fan is to Ryuutaro.]

-not going to beat me, no matter how hard you try. I'm quite sorry, but my magic is too strong for you.

Tch, you're talking nonsense again. I don't believe in your little tricks. Respecting someone who relies on magic... Nah, never.

I'm not relying on it. I am using it. This makes quite a difference. So, shall we start?

[Ryuutaro took his beyblade out and put it in the launcher. As much as he said Tobio should give up, he'd fight with him over and over this week, because it was probably the last chance he was going to get for a while. He did not believe Tobio would still be there after this week, not with how this specific plot seemed to go.
Tobio launched as well. Oddly enough by laying on the ground, looking a lot like a sniper.]

3...2...1... GO SHOOT!

[A moment later the blonde boy's spinning top actually jumped at Ryuutaro's, but he got pushed back by some kind of invisible wall. Ryuutaro chuckled, raising his fan to his lips.]

Good luck come my way, good luck come my way, good luck come my way.

((ooc: NPCing in this character for the week, because lol, Ryuutaro needs an opponent. All videos will replied after they're done with the fight. Action can be during or after the beybattle! Blue is Ryuutaro, naturally.))