February 1st, 2012

Baby ♣ Such a strong grip

Vivien Harmon | 07 | [Action]

[With her back to the door, it isn't clear what Vivien is holding so gently and close to her chest, just that she's so distracted, she probably wouldn't notice an earthquake. As you come around her however, it becomes very clear that she's holding a very small baby, feeding it a bottle.

When she'd made that wish to see at least one of her babies, she didn't expect it to actually happen.

You are so...perfect.

[Even when she found him, he wasn't crying and he didn't seem to fuss as much as her daughter had...no matter how quiet he was, he seemed to be perfectly healthy.

Ignoring her dog running and making a nuisance of herself; Vivien was perfectly content to remain on the plush chair and pay the dog no mind. This was a good day and she intended to make the most of it.
So serious it looks like a pout again

Teru Mikami ~26~ Soulmate [Accidental Audio / Text]

Collapse )

[There is a sharp intake of breath and something sounding almost like a strangled sob, but only very faintly so. Then for a moment there is just forcefully slow breathing and nothing more. Until Mikami finally switches to text]

The blackberry was recording unintentionally again. I did not mean to broadcast this, so please ignore it.