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fondu au noir

Taunt 0012 - M - [Accidental Video]

[The screen is tilted, cradled against still fingers and just watching the sleeping face of the person holding it. Face covered by short blond hair falling in an unusual messy way against his cheek and body just lying in an eerily still sleep in a mess of blankets on the floor. It looks like he's fallen off the mattress, but simply remained there, quiet. Still. 

After a moment a dark eye slips open, stares dazedly into the screen, then after a lingering moment the device is tossed away and the screen goes black just as a muttered 'fuck' can be heard]

hmm / but I don't get it

#006 // video // in person

[Kanda appears to be sitting in the Manor's garden, a tied fabric bag laying next to him. It moves a little and from time to time makes a pitiful squeak. Unfortunately, Kanda had managed to read the Gremlin notes before they were demolished and, being thorough in following rules as he was, kept the poor little thing packed and hanging off a hook during most of the week, not giving a damn about what PETA would think of it. Now though, he just seems puzzled. Apparently he failed to connect the number of sabotage instances and little ugly things running around to the creature he has in the bag.]

Does anyone know what I'm supposed to do with this thing.

[He doesn't really have any intentions to keep it; he just kept it safe because the darn note said so and now he's stuck with it. Wasn't it supposed to be a temporary thing? Hrm.]
[miffed] What the fuck ever dude

37th bomb || Hayato Gokudera || [video/private text][backdated to monday morning]

[The feed comes on to a rather dour looking silver haired teen, scowling at a little furry creature in front of him on the table. While usually he would be all kinds of excited to see a strange animal being a shameless occult nerd, after last week he felt that it was replacing his mother. So many people had just up an vanished lately, including about everyone he knew from home. While there was no complaint about Belphor or Mukuro's disappearance, his boss and even Lambo hit him rather hard... and right now the only thing to really take out his frustrations on was the stupid furball in front of him.]

The hell are you even supposed to be?

[The creature only cooed and toddled over to Hayato happily expecting a petting, unfortunately the teen wasn't exactly in a 'petting' sort of mood and just flicked the thing in the face with his finger. As it toppled over backward the teen noticed the blackberry recording.]


[And with that he turned off the feed.]

[Private to Ryuutaro]

hey, i was just wondering if you're busy.
Good Luck come my way, [smirk] Good Luck come my way

Fate 31 -◘[Accidental Video / In Person]◘- This is a gift, it comes with a price

[The feed clicks on to reveal two boys standing outside, a bit away from each other, staring intently at each other. One of them is Ryuutaro, the other is unfamiliar to the Manor. His most noticeable feature: a blonde afro. Also he is sucking at a lollypop, which seems to be as essential to him as the fan is to Ryuutaro.]

-not going to beat me, no matter how hard you try. I'm quite sorry, but my magic is too strong for you.

Tch, you're talking nonsense again. I don't believe in your little tricks. Respecting someone who relies on magic... Nah, never.

I'm not relying on it. I am using it. This makes quite a difference. So, shall we start?

[Ryuutaro took his beyblade out and put it in the launcher. As much as he said Tobio should give up, he'd fight with him over and over this week, because it was probably the last chance he was going to get for a while. He did not believe Tobio would still be there after this week, not with how this specific plot seemed to go.
Tobio launched as well. Oddly enough by laying on the ground, looking a lot like a sniper.]

3...2...1... GO SHOOT!

[A moment later the blonde boy's spinning top actually jumped at Ryuutaro's, but he got pushed back by some kind of invisible wall. Ryuutaro chuckled, raising his fan to his lips.]

Good luck come my way, good luck come my way, good luck come my way.

((ooc: NPCing in this character for the week, because lol, Ryuutaro needs an opponent. All videos will replied after they're done with the fight. Action can be during or after the beybattle! Blue is Ryuutaro, naturally.))
Smile | I do this sometimes

Detective Notes 12 | Video

[Naoto appears to be looking at a book, a small smile spread across as she quietly opened up the book, inside a picture.]

It appears as though the author had been up some something, but for once... it's not that bad.

[She looks at the picture within the book for a moment, before finally closing it and placing it to the side.]

Logic states that nothing the author can do, should happen, yet she always appears to change something ever once in a while. It's a rather...interesting thing to see.
[shock] L'GASP!

36th bomb || Hayato Gokudera || [video/in person]

[Anyone venturing into the kitchen who happens to know the typically foul-tempered silverette may be in for quite a shock.

The teen in the kitchen with an apron and his hair covered with a bandanna, stirring a bowl of some sort of pastry batter with another woman who holds a striking resemblance to the teen, some may recognize her as the boy's mother. It did not take his mother long to pick up that stirring batter was really the only job he could do in the kitchen without burning it down- as evidenced by the charred failed batches of god-knows-what in the sink. Assuming he's finished the batter he holds it out for his mother look at.

Mamma, this good?

[Because god, if he gets caught like this it'll be so embarrassing! His mother takes a peak and shakes her head chuckling- he wasn't even close.]

Not quite yet Hayato, just a bit more.

[And she brushed some of the batter and flour and various other things from his face and shirt while silently wondering how he managed to get himself so filthy... then she proceeded to ruin his manly image even more by just snuggling up to his messy face with her own. He blushed and squirmed a bit, but he would be damned before he had the heart to push her away. Complaining however was totally fair game.]

M-Ma! I'm gunna spill it!

Flight 005 || Alexstrasza || [in person]

[After her routine patrol of the manor to make sure the mortals she had taken under her watch were alright (and in the process discovering she had, in fact, been gone for a number of months), she took to the outdoors planning to claim her usual spot for slumber in the gardens.

However, not far on her way she is met with the most pleasant surprise. She raises her hands to her mouth and gasps at the sight of two large red dragons and a small group of little red dragon whelps that she recognized from her last clutch. Immediately she rushes fourth to greet them.

Caelestraz! Vaelestraz! Children!

[The three young dragons immediately swoop to adorn the head and shoulders of their mother, cooing and nuzzling at her. After lovingly returning the affections of her younger children, she addresses the two large dragons, who lean down to allow her to pet and lean against their muzzles]

It has been far too long since I have seen you boys. I am so glad you all have fared well.

[So to anyone taking a glance out the windows of the manor feel free to spot the giant red lizards on the lawn snuggling up to a half-naked horned woman in the snow.]

10th Flower Glows | In Person

[Rapunzel sat by the lake, the day slowly turning into night as she wriggled her toes. She had been here a while and her mind always went back to the thought she never got to see the lights on her birthday. It was something she had dreamed off, yet she missed them and that made her sad. Picking a small daist from the green grass, she started to look closely at it, her mind still on about the lantarns and her wish to have seen them when she had the chance.

She smiled slightly as her fingers gently stroked the flower before spotting a small light across the lake from the corner of her eye. Looking up, she watched as soon that small light became many. Her eyes lit up as she looked out towards the lake, watching as the various lantarns flew up, over the lake, some even looking like they were dancers on the air and this made Rapunzel all the more happy. They really seemd to be like the things she had seen from her tower every year, it was like a dream come true and she was thankful.

For now she sat at the side of the lake, her eyes looking up, following them as they danced through the air. Contempt to having seen this in the manor, it was better than not seeing them at all.]
Baby ♣ Such a strong grip

Vivien Harmon | 07 | [Action]

[With her back to the door, it isn't clear what Vivien is holding so gently and close to her chest, just that she's so distracted, she probably wouldn't notice an earthquake. As you come around her however, it becomes very clear that she's holding a very small baby, feeding it a bottle.

When she'd made that wish to see at least one of her babies, she didn't expect it to actually happen.

You are so...perfect.

[Even when she found him, he wasn't crying and he didn't seem to fuss as much as her daughter had...no matter how quiet he was, he seemed to be perfectly healthy.

Ignoring her dog running and making a nuisance of herself; Vivien was perfectly content to remain on the plush chair and pay the dog no mind. This was a good day and she intended to make the most of it.